FAQ - There’s a scientific explanation for everything, even the tingle.

What causes chapped lips?
Lips get chapped because they are too dry; usually because of exposure to dry air, sunlight, wind, low temperatures or even dust.
Does Carmex moisturise my lips?
Yes. Carmex lip balm contains a unique blend of ingredients, including natural moisturisers such as cocoa butter and lanolin. These and other emollients give you healthy-looking lips by restoring lost moisture and preventing dryness and chapping.
Can I use Carmex on my lips before applying lipstick?
Yes! We recommend Carmex before and after lipstick application to preserve and restore moisture, help lipstick go on smoother, and keep your lips looking soft and smooth.
Why do my lips tingle when I put Carmex on?
Carmex contains camphor and menthol. These ingredients give Carmex a cooling effect and helps relieve the irritation of rough, chapped lips – encouraging a healthy appearance that feels as good as it looks.
Is Carmex lip balm tested on animals?
We never test on animals. Carmex founder Alfred Woelbing believed animal testing to be uselessly and needlessly cruel, and that stance against animal testing has remained a part of our culture for more than 75 years. All Carmex products undergo a thorough chemical analysis before they leave our facility. In addition, we conduct specific tests to ensure that all regulations and requirements by government jurisdictions such as the FDA are met and that our products are safe and effective for our consumers.
Is Carmex popular?
For many years, Carmex was a best–kept secret of models, celebrities and make–up artists. But it is hard to keep a good thing to secret for long! Carmex is now one of the world’s most loved lip balms with over 130 sold every minute!